Ubisoft heeft een nieuwe update uitgebracht voor Far Cry 5. De update met versienummer 1.11 brengt onder andere nieuwe wapens en nieuwe voertuigen met zich mee.

Op de maskers na zijn de nieuwe items ook te gebruiken in Far Cry Arcade. De update brengt naast de nieuwe items ook oplossingen voor bugs met zich mee. Een volledig overzicht van de update staat hieronder:

New Additions

Added New Masks:

  • For Honor: Kensei
  • Ghost Recon: Day of the Skull
  • Ghost Recon: El Tio
  • Watch_Dogs: Wrench
  • Rabbids: Robber
  • Rabbids: Biker

Added New Weapons

  • P08-L
  • Flamethrower “Neon Sparkle”
  • MBP .50 “Blood & Dragon”

Added New Vehicles

  • 1970 Zugspitz XS-2 “Cyber Edition”
  • 2014 Adjudicor Mastadon XZT “Surface to Surface”
  • 2012 Kimberlite TCZ “Hot Rockets”

Stability & Performance

  • Bug fix for a freeze related to Outpost Master
  • Bug fixes for general Lobby Stability when jumping between the various game modes


  • Bug fix for Voice Chat losing functionality when switching game modes

Gameplay & UI

  • Bug fix regarding a trophy unlock issue for “Hope County Master Angler” in NG+. Now, if requirements are completed, it will trigger the trophy.

Far Cry Arcade

  • Bug fix that would reset Arcade progress when starting NG+. Players who have previously lost their Arcade level due to this reset will get it back with an additional 20% XP.
  • Bug fix that allowed NPCs to be spawned in PvP maps
  • Modification to Blood Dragon health for better balancing

Map Editor

  • Adjustment of IGE Assets Costs
  • Bug fix for the Editor settings resetting
  • Bug fixes for NPCs spawned with Scripts in IGE
  • Bug fix for Camera Controls in IGE
  • Bug fixes for IGE Scripting Tools
  • Minor bug fixes on IGE assets
  • Minor bug fixes for the Icons while in IGE

Far Cry® 5 Dead Living Zombies DLC

  • General bug and stability fixes

via [psx-sense]